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Fluoxymesterone - Halotestin

Item Name- Price
Halotestin 10 mg - Halobolic Tablets by Asia Pharma

Halotestin 10 mg - Halobolic Tablets by Asia Pharma

Halotestin - Halobolic Tablets by Asia Pharma ONE ORDER UNIT INCLUDES: 100 tabs, each tab containing 10 mg mg PER TAB: 10 mg TOTAL TABS PER ONE ORDER...
EUR 244.00

Halotestin 10 mg - Halotestex Tablets by British Dragon

Halotestin 10 mg - Halotestex Tablets by British Dragon

Halotestin - Halotestex Tablets by British Dragon ONE ORDER UNIT INCLUDES: 100 tabs, each tab containing 10 mg mg PER TAB: 10 mg TOTAL TABS PER ONE...
EUR 199.00

Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone)

Alternative Halotestin names: Halotestex, Halotestex tabeltes, Fluoxymesterone, Halotestin, Android-F, Ultandren, Hysterone Tabs, Stenox, Ora-Testryl, Halotestin, Halobolic
Active substance in Halotestin: Fluoxymesterone
Halotestin strength gains: Strength Gain 4.5/10
Halotestin mass & weight gains: Mass & Weight Gain 3/10
Halotestin fat burning: Fat Burning 0/10
Halotestin cutting/definition: Definition 9/10
Halotestin side effects: Side Effects 9/10
Ability to keep gains with Halotestin: Ability to keep Gains: 2/10
Usual Halotestin dosages: 10 - 20 mg per day
Halotestin detection time: 2 months
Halotestin is best combined with:
For bulking: Injectable testosterone (Cypionate, Propionate, Enanthate), Sustanon
For cutting: Deca-Durabolin, Equipoise, Primobolan Depot
Halotestin beginner use: Use for Beginners 3/10
Halotestin female use: Female Use 0/10
Halotestin pros: Good strength gains, exceptional definition
Halotestin cons: Extremely liver-toxic, rare to find, androgenic side effects

Halotestin profile:

Fluoxymesterone is a steroid that increases strength without significant additional weight gain. Fluoxymesterone dosage is 10 to 20 mg every day for 4 weeks, 6 weeks at the very most due to its high level of toxicity.

Halotestin (fluoxymesterone) is an oral derivative of the male hormone testosterone. Unlike testosterone, Halotestin does not convert to estrogen. Therefore, estrogen-related side effects such as fat deposition, water retention, and gynecomastia do not occur. Power lifters and weightlifters use Halotestin to boost strength while remaining in a set weight class. In bodybuilding its used near the end of cutting cycles, since in people with an already low body-fat percentage it adds a distinct hardness and definition to the look. Side effects include aggression, oily skin, and virilization. Halotestin is considered to be very toxic to the liver, and thus must be used with caution and for short duration only. Liver values must checked on a regular basis.

Fluoxymesterone description:

Halotestin is the UpJohn brand name for the steroid fluoxymesterone. Structurally fluoxymesterone is a derivative of testosterone, differing from our base androgen by three structural alterations (specifically 17alpha-methyl, 11 beta-hydroxy and 9-fluoro group additions). The result is a potent oral steroid that exhibits extremely strong androgenic properties. This has a lot to due with the fact that it is derived from testosterone, and as such shares important similarities to this hormone. Most importantly, like testosterone Halotestin appears to be a good substrate for the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. This is evidenced by the fact that a large number of its metabolites are found to be 5-alpha reduced androgens, which coupled with its outward androgenic nature, suggests it is converting to a much more active steroid in androgen responsive target tissues such as the skin, scalp and prostate.

The 11beta-hydroxyl group also inhibits aromatization, making estrogen production impossible with this steroid. Estrogenic side effects such as water retention, fat fain and gynecomastia are similarly not a concern when taking this substance. Strong androgenic side effects are to be expected though, and in many cases are unavoidable. Oily skin and acne a very common for instance, at times requiring sensitive individuals to seek some form of topical or even prescription drug treatment to keep it under control. Hair loss is an additional worry, making Halotestin a poor choice for those with an existing condition. Aggression may also become very pronounced with this drug. This effect is often desired by users looking to "harness" this in order to increase the intensity of workouts or a competition. Clearly Halotestin is a strong androgen, and definitely one female athletes should stay away from. Masculinizing side effects can be intense, and may occur very rapidly with this substance. Even women daring enough to take Dianabol should think twice about this compound, as virilization symptoms are most often permanent.

Although Halotestin appears to be more androgenic than testosterone, the anabolic effect of it is not very strong. This makes it a great strength drug, but not the best for gaining serious muscle mass. The predominant effect seen when taking Halotestin is a harder, more dense look to the muscles without a notable size increase. It is therefore very useful for athletes in eight-restricted sports like wrestling, power lifting and boxing. The strength gained from each cycle will not be accompanied by a great weight increase, allowing most competitors to stay within a specified weight range. Halotestin also makes an excellent drug for bodybuilding contest preparation. When the competitor has an acceptably low body fat percentage, the strong androgen level (in absence of excess estrogen) can elicit an extremely hard and defined ("ripped") look to the muscles. The shift in androgen/estrogen ratio additionally seems to bring about a state in which the body may be more inclined to burn off excess fat and prevent new fat storage. The "hardening" effect of Halotestin would therefore be somewhat similar to that seen with Trenbolone, although it will be without the same level of mass gain. Clearly non-aromatizing androgens such as Halotestin and Trenbolone can play an important role during contest preparations.

The main concern with Halotestin is that it can be a very toxic drug. This is due to the fact that fluoxymesterone is a 17 alpha alkylated compound, its structure altered to survive oral administration. As we discuss throughout this page, alpha alkylation can be very harsh to the liver. The possibility of damage is therefore a legitimate concern with Halotestin, especially when used at higher doses or for prolonged periods of time. The total daily dosage is likewise se best kept in the range of 20-40 mg, used for no longer than 8 weeks. After which an equally long break (at a minimum) should be taken from all c17-AA orals. One should also resist the temptation to stack this drug with other alkylated orals if possible, and instead opt for orals without this alteration or esterified injectable compounds (which will not add to the strain on the liver).

In cutting phases a mild anabolic such as Deca-Durabolin or Equipoise might be a good addition, as both provide good anabolic effect without excessive estrogen buildup. Here Halotestin will provide a well needed androgenic component, helping to promote a more solid and defined gain in muscle mass than obtained with an anabolic alone. Perhaps Primobolan Depot would even be a better choice, as with such a combination there is no buildup of estrogen (and likewise even less worry of water and fat retention). For mass we could alternately use an injectable testosterone. A mix of 400-800 mg testosterone enanthate and 20-30 mg Halotestin for example, should prove to be an exceptional stack for strength and muscle gain. This however would be accompanied by a more significant level of side effects, both compounds exhibiting strong androgenic activity in the body.

Fluoxymesterone also seem to depress endogenous testosterone levels rather quickly with use, despite its complete lack of estrogen conversion. One therefore should consider ancillary drug use at the conclusion of each cycle in order to help restore the normal release of androgens in the body. Using a combination of HCG and Clomid/Nolvadex is of course the best option, the two drugs working well together to restore normal hormonal functioning. Although estrogen is not a problem with Halotestin, the use of an antiestrogen such as Nolvadex or Clomid is still indicated when discontinuing a cycle. Since HCG stimulates aromatase activity in the Leydig's cells, here Nolvadex/Clomid help by blocking the activity of any excess estrogen that may be produced. Afterward they will also block the inhibitory effect of endogenous estrogens on the hypothalamus, stimulating the enhanced release of gonadotropins and supporting the normal biosynthesis of testosterone.

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