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Human chorionic gonadotropinhCG 5000 IU - Pregnyl by Schering-Plough

EUR 29.00

hCG - Pregnyl by Schering-Plough

ONE ORDER UNIT INCLUDES: 1 5000 IU ampoule containing hCG and 1 ml ampoule containing water solution




ALTERNATIVE DRUG NAMES: A.P.L., Chorex, Pregnyl, Profasi, Pregnyl IM, hCG, HCG, Human chorionic gonadotropin

ACTIVE SUBSTANCE: Human chorionic gonadotropin

DESCRIPTION: Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough is a prescription medication containing chorionic gonadotropin obtained from a natural (human) origin. Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough is used by male athletes for its ability to increase endogenous testosterone production, generally during, or at the conclusion of,a steroid cycle, when natural hormone production has been interrupted.

Chorionic gonadotropin is a polypeptide hormone normally found in the female body during the early months of pregnancy. Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough is synthesized in syncytiotrophoblast cells of the placenta, and is responsible for increasing the production of progesterone, a pregnancy-sustaining hormone. Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough is present in significant amounts only during pregnancy, and is used as an indicator of pregnancy by standard over the counter pregnancy test kits. Blood levels of chorionic gonadotropin become noticeable as early as seven days after ovulation, and rise evenly to a peak at approximately two to three months into gestation. After this point, the hormone level will drop gradually until the point of birth.

Although it possesses minor FSH-like (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) activity, the physiological actions of Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough mainly mimic those of the gonadotropin luteinizing hormone (LH). As a clinical drug, Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough is used as an exogenous form of LH. Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough is typically applied to support ovulation and pregnancy in women, most specifically those suffering from infertility due to low concentrations of gonadotropins and an inability to ovulate. Due to the ability of LH to stimulate the Leydig's cells in the testes to manufacture testosterone, Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough is also used with men to treat hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, a disorder characterized by low testosterone levels and insufficient LH output. Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough is also used in the treatment of prepubertal cryptorchidism, a condition in which one or both of the testicles have failed to descend into the scrotum.

Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough is often used with other medications as part of an in-depth Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) program focused on restoring endogenous testosterone production more rapidly at the end of a steroid cycle. Restoring endogenous testosterone production is a special concern at the conclusion of each cycle, a time when subnormal androgen levels (due to steroid induced suppression) could be very costly to the physique. The main concern is the action of cortisol, which in many ways is balanced out by the effect of androgens. Cortisol sends the opposite message to the muscles than testosterone, or to breakdown protein in the cell. Left unchecked by a low level of testosterone, cortisol can quickly strip much of your new muscle mass away. Protocols for the post-cycle use of Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough generally call for the administration of 1500-4000 Units every 4th or 5th day, taken for no longer than 2 or 3 weeks. If used for too long or at too high a dose, Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough may actually function to desensitize the Leydig's cells to luteinizing hormone, further hindering a return to homeostasis.

Bodybuilders and athletes may also administer Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough throughout a steroid cycle, in an effort to avoid testicular atrophy and the resulting reduced ability to respond to LH stimulus. In effect, this practice is used to avoid the problem of testicular atrophy, instead of trying to correct it later on when the cycle is over. It is important to remember that the dosage needs to be carefully monitored with this type of use, as high levels of Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough may cause increased testicular aromatase expression (raising estrogen levels), and also desensitize the testes to LH. As such, Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough may actually induce primary hypogonadism when misused, greatly prolonging, not improving, the recovery window. Current protocols for the use of Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough in this manner involve administering 250 IU subcutaneously twice per week (every 3rd or 4th day) throughout the length of the steroid cycle. Higher doses may be necessary for some individuals, but at no point should exceed 500 IU of Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough per injection.

Instructions for use Pregnyl (hCG) by Schering-Plough

  • Manufactured by: Schering-Plough Corporation

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